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Top 10 Spinal Cord Injury Myths

Top 10 Spinal Cord Injury Myths

I try to keep my blog updated with fresh content and follow the blogs of my fellow personal injury attorneys across the nation. Personal injury attorney William R. Gray of Colorado recently blogged about the Top 10 Spinal Cord Injury Myths:

1. All spinal injuries are the same.

Spinal injuries are not all the same. Spinal injuries are complete or incomplete. With a complete spinal injury, there is no motor or sensory function at all below the injury. An incomplete spinal injury is one in which the patient may have partial movement or feelings.

2. There has to be a cure.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for spinal injuries. Just intensive treatment, occupational and physical therapy, and long term care.

3. You can prevent a spinal injury by immobilizing the spine after impact.

That’s incorrect. There is no proof that a spinal injury can be prevented by immobilizing the spine at the time of the accident.

4. Most spinal injuries occur to the elderly.

Not true. Most spinal injuries happen to men in the age range 16-30.

5. After my spinal injury, my employer will never let me return to my job.

Fortunately, most employees do return to their place of employment if they can within one year of their injury, and usually at the same job.

6. Falls are the leading cause of spinal injuries.

Actually, motor vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of spinal injuries.

7. After a spinal cord injury, I will have to go to a nursing facility.

Approximately 92% of patients with spinal cord injuries return to their homes.

8. The most common cause of death of a spinal injury patient is renal failure.

That used to be the case, but breathing problems are the #1 cause of death among spinal injury patients.

9. I think I have a case for a spinal injury lawsuit but I can’t afford an attorney.

Most reputable spinal injury law firms will deduct their fee from the monetary damages won in civil litigation.

10. I need a lawyer so I’m just going to look in the phonebook.

You should work with an attorney who has knowledge and experience with spinal injury lawsuits.

Thank you, William, for the informative statistics and great advice! William is right: If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury, you need an attorney who is experienced in the biology of spinal cord injury as well as the law. Whether you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, sports injury, or car wreck, make sure your attorney has experience in spinal injury lawsuits. At Neff Injury Law, we’ve been successfully representing spinal cord injury victims for many years. If you have any questions, call 404-531-9700 to schedule your free consultation.