When your Quality of Life depends on the settlement you receive, you need a firm that will fight to Maximize Your Financial Recovery.

Catastrophic Injury or Wrongful Death?

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Your Goals:

A serious injury or the wrongful death of a loved one changes your life forever. Selecting the right attorney can make the difference between a financial settlement that covers your immediate expenses and one that provides financial security for life. 

But choosing an attorney, especially while you are under great distress, is not easy. The personal injury legal field is massive. You know this. You see the ads on TV and buses every day. What you may not know is that many of these firms take on hundreds of minor injury cases and therefore may struggle to give your serious case the attention it deserves. 

Neff Injury Law, a national litigation firm based in Atlanta, handles only serious injury and wrongful death cases. Our four attorneys work as a team, typically on no more than 20 cases at a given time.

Premises Liability - A guide to Success

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Premises Liability Case?

Neff Wrote the Book on it!



By Michael L. Neff

Mike Neff’s peer-reviewed book provides attorneys pursuing premises liability law with a definitive guide to achieving results. His next book, Advanced Premises Liability, will help attorneys navigate cases through trial.

Don’t Leave Money On the Table

Any attorney can get you a payout. We fight to get you the maximum payout.

Negligent Security Resulting in Leg Amputation: $47 Million Verdict

Attack at Amusement Park Resulting in Brain Injury: $35 Million Verdict

Negligent Alarm Monitoring Resulting in Assault: $9 Million Verdict

Auto Wreck Resulting in Wrongful Death: $6.75 Million Settlement

Tractor Trailer Wreck Resulting in Serious Injury: $5.6 Million Verdict

Store Fall Resulting in Major Injury: $5 Million Settlement

Formula for Maximum Results

Experienced Team Approach

Our four Atlanta-based lawyers bring diverse expertise and unique perspectives to every case. You will always be able to reach one of us with questions.

Small, Focused Caseload

Because we typically handle no more than 20 catastrophic cases at a given time, our team is able to focus and think strategically without the distractions of hundreds of smaller cases.

Significant Financial Resources

Obtaining justice in serious injury and wrongful death cases takes time. You need a legal team with the financial resources to endure the legal process and stand up to the insurance companies.

We'll Handle Calls from Insurance Companies and Investigators

So You Can Focus On Your Recovery.

Whether you are suffering yourself or grieving the loss of a loved one, you deserve the time to heal without additional stress. In addition to pursuing a substantial financial resolution to account for loss of income and mounting bills, we’ll also handle the calls from insurance companies, investigators, and police that accompany this overwhelming process.

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