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Top 10 Non-Traffic Car Injuries

Top 10 Non-Traffic Car Injuries

Not all car-related injuries are due to car wrecks. The causes of top car injuries may surprise you. recently published a list of the Top 10 Non-Traffic Car Injuries. Continue reading for a list of the top car-related injuries plus advice and how to avoid them.

10. Radiator Burns – With an annual injury estimate of 9,000, radiator burns are not cool. The fluid in the radiator can reach 240 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can bubble up and explode when under pressure. If your car overheats, be careful when removing the antifreeze knob. Let the radiator cool down first. Then use gloves or a protective cloth and turn the knob slowly to gradually relieve pressure.

9. Flying Objects – With an annual injury estimate of 20,000, flying object injuries typically occur because of cargo inside the car. Laptops, coolers, books, pets, groceries, and other cargo items can become dangerous objects when the vehicles suddenly stop. Use storage bins, cargo racks, hooks, fasteners, and similar devices to secure cargo when moving.

8. Falling from Vehicle – With an annual injury estimate of 28,000, falling from a vehicle ties with falling against a vehicle for the number eight spot. Children should not ride in the backs of pickup trucks or moving trucks, nor should children sit next to fully opened windows. Use those child safety window locks; they’re there for a reason.

7. Injured by Door – With an annual injury estimate of 36,000, car door injuries can be very painful. The elderly, disabled, and children are more susceptible to getting injured by automobile doors. Help them get in and out of vehicles.

6. Strains and Sprains – With an annual injury estimate of 44,000, strains and sprains typically occur when people are getting out of vehicles. Cars that sit low to the ground and vehicles that sit high above the ground are more likely to be involved in strain and sprain injuries. Warn your passengers to watch their step if the step is uncommonly low or high.

5. Cuts – With an annual injury estimate of 68,000, cuts commonly occur from sharp metal in older vehicles. Repair any jagged edges and keep your vehicle properly maintained and cleaned to prevent cuts.

4. Hit by Car – In non-traffic situations, approximately 74,000 people get hit by a car and injured each year. Watch out for blind spots, especially in shorter and taller vehicles. Be sure to turn around and look for children (and animals) before backing up. Most victims of victims of back-up injuries are children.

3. Falling – With 84,000 estimated injuries, falling while getting into or out of vehicles is a big problem. When combined with similar injuries like strains and sprains, the act of entering or exiting a vehicle is the largest cause of non-traffic-related injuries in the country. Watch your step!

2. OverexertionReally? Car-related overexertion is estimated to cause 88,000 injuries annually. Most overexertion injuries stem from people unloading vehicles or trying to push immobile vehicles. Ask for help when lifting or pushing heavy objects. If your car is stuck, call a tow truck or a friend. There’s no need to risk injury.

1. Body Part Slammed in Door – With an annual injury estimate of 148,000, injuries caused by closing a car door. Car doors can weigh up to 200 pounds and easily break a finger or hand.

Remember, your car can be dangerous even when it’s not moving! Of course, car wrecks are the most common cause of car injuries. If you’ve been seriously injured in a car wreck that was someone else’s fault, contact an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Call Neff Injury Law at 404-531-9700 to schedule a free consultation.