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Speed Filter Lawsuits Against Snapchat Draw Media Attention

On May 25, 2019, Neff Injury Law, along with co-counsel Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore, filed wrongful death lawsuits against Snapchat on behalf of two families who had lost their sons in a Wisconsin car wreck.  The Complaint involved allegations that Snapchat was negligent in the design of its “Speed Filter.”

The case continues to draw media attention after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently reversed the trial court’s dismissal of the case on grounds of immunity under the Communications Decency Act.

On May 5, 2021 The Washington Post’s Hannah Denham wrote an article, “Snap can be sued over speed filter’s role in fatal crash, court rules.” 

Katheryn Tucker wrote an article, “Heartening News for Lawyers Fighting to Sue Snapchat” which was published May 10, 2021 on 

The Tucker article noted, “Georgia lawyers have been fighting for five years to get in front of a jury with a case seeking to hold a social media company accountable for a smartphone application they claim is dangerous and deadly.” 

We wish it didn’t take five to ten years to get to justice on a big case.  However, publicly traded corporations have a lot on the line, and they frequently take every opportunity to delay or avoid a date in court.  Some may say that is good business.  Others would say, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

At Neff Injury Law, we understand we can’t control what the defendant’s lawyers will do or what the judges hearing our cases will do.  We focus on the things we can control – doing our best to be ready to present our client’s best case when the opportunity arises.

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