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Snapchat Takes Down Speed Filter

On April 17, 2021 a Snapchat spokesperson told NPR that it will take down the “speed filter,” which has been the subject of lawsuits.  Neff Injury law represents families in two separate cases against Snapchat concerning the speed filter and allegations of wrongful death and serious personal injury.

According to the NPR article, Snapchat’s decision to remove the speed filter was a “dramatic reversal” for the company after introducing the product in 2013.

The article also cites other critics of the speed filter, including Joel Feldman, the co-founder of the nonprofit End Distracted Driving, who asked “My God, why did it take so long?”

In response to Snapchat’s new decision, lead attorney Michael Neff “While this will no doubt serve the safety of the motoring public moving forward, it does not remedy Snapchat’s choice to create and distribute the speed filter in the past,” Neff said.  “We look forward to our day in court and pursuing justice for those who suffered unnecessary losses.”