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Neff Injury Law Resolves Tractor Trailer Fatality and Injury Case for $2,010,000

In June 2020, Neff Injury Law resolved two cases involving a catastrophic tractor trailer wreck on I-285 in Atlanta for a total of $2,010,000.  On December 21, 2018, two cousins were driving home from a family member’s house when their car became disabled on the side of the road.

            Before they were able to exit the car, another driver hit them in the rear.  The force of the crash spun their car into the lanes of traffic where they were eventually struck by a tractor trailer.

            The force of the impact killed the driver of the car, and Neff Injury Law represented her 3 year old son.  The crash also seriously injured her passenger, resulting in over $300,000 in medical bills.  Our firm represented her as well.  The families came to our firm at the recommendation of a prior satisfied client.

            After months of investigation and negotiation, Neff Injury Law resolved both cases for the maximum available insurance coverage from the vehicles involved.

            If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a tractor trailer accident, call us for a free consultation.