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Neff Injury Law Obtains $825,000 Truck Wreck Settlement

On March 29, 2021, Neff Injury Law obtained an $825,000 settlement in a truck wreck case arising out of a collision between two tractor trailers near Savannah, Georgia. 

After filing suit on behalf of their injured client, Neff Law discovered that the at-fault trucking company provided zero driver training and had discontinued using their safety manuals years before the wreck.  Additionally, the company chose not to employ a safety director, and no one in management ever had a commercial driver’s license (“CDL”).

Neff Law also subpoenaed the at-fault driver’s cell phone records and found evidence that he was on the phone at the time of the wreck, which violates CDL manual safety practices, and which the driver and his employer agreed was dangerous.

Finally, Neff Law discovered that the owner of the trucking company determined that his driver was responsible for the crash after a fifteen minute investigation.  However, the insurance company continuously denied liability throughout the case and even blamed the plaintiff.

Unfortunately, trucking companies and their insurers often refuse to accept responsibility even when they should.  Neff Injury Law understands how to hold trucking companies accountable and seek full justice for the victims of truck wrecks.