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Neff Discusses Voir Dire on “The Jury Thinks What?” Podcast

On September 10, 2020, Michael Neff spoke on jury selection on “The Jury Thinks What?” podcast.  Saul Gruber, a trial consultant and attorney, interviewed Mike about how to conduct voir dire, particularly in large cases.

Having a fair and impartial jury is essential for our judicial system to work.  This is especially true when a client has been seriously injured through the negligence of another person or corporation and is seeking justice. 

Unfortunately, many lawyers do not have experience in jury selection for big cases.  Sometimes, this process takes a day or more before the start of trial.  Jury selection can sometimes be the most important part of a case.

In “The Jury Thinks What?” podcast, Mike discussed how to prepare for the process of voir dire and how to execute it even in the face of hostile responses from potential jurors.  Also, Mike talked about how to exercise challenges for jurors who have demonstrated bias or an inability to apply the law.

Mike is a recognized expert in the process of voir dire.  He has conducted voir dire in cases resulting in over $100 million in jury verdicts. An online version of the podcast can be found here.