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Local and National News Profile Resolution in Case Involving $35 Million Verdict Against Six Flags and Others

On March 28, 2018, various news outlets, including the Daily Report, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and US began reporting that the $35 million case against Six Flags had been resolved.

Some of the news coverage can be found here:


Joshua Martin was attacked and beaten into a coma just outside the park by a group which included Six Flags employees.  A jury in 2013 rendered a verdict of $35 million, with 92% of the fault apportioned to Six Flags with 2% each to four attackers.

Neff Law litigated the case for ten years.  Along with co-counsel at Deitch and Rogers and Bondurant Mixson and Elmore, they succeeded in getting the $35 million verdict against Six Flags reinstated by the Supreme Court of Georgia.

More details on the trial and appellate process can be found here: