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The Pants Judge files a new lawsuit

The Pants Judge files a new lawsuit

Unfortunately, the “lost pants” judge is back. Roy Pearson is the former Washington D.C. administrative law judge who sued a dry cleaner for $64 million because they lost his pants.

Pearson’s personal injury claim against the dry cleaners hinged on a customer satisfaction assurance posted inside the store. Although the dry cleaner returned a pair of pants to him, he claimed they were not the same pants that he had taken in to have cleaned. Pearson lost his pants, and this Washington personal injury case—he also lost his job; he was not reappointed after his term as an administrative judge expired.

According to CNN, Pearson has filed another personal injury lawsuit, now against the city, saying that he was victimized by “unlawful demotion and subsequent termination.”

In his new personal injury lawsuit, he seeks to regain his $100,000 per year position as an administrative law judge and is asking to be awarded compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $1 million. Hopefully, Mr. Pearson will stay out of Georgia.