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Speeding Trucker Caused Multi-Vehicle Accident

Speeding Trucker Caused Multi-Vehicle Accident

Yesterday I wrote about truck driver fatigue and its possible role in a fatal accident in which a mini-van was crushed by a semi-truck. Today I’m writing about another wreck in which a truck crushed a mini-van. Only this time, the wreck was due to another common cause of truck wrecks: speeding.

Yesterday truck driver John Revene, 47, of Westboro, MA, was behind the wheel of a tanker truck carrying 8,500 gallons of diesel fuel when the truck went off the road then rolled onto three vehicles, according to the Boston Herald. The accident occurred on Route 2 in Lincoln, MA, and Revene has been cited for speeding. Revene and another driver were injured in the wreck. The two other drivers escaped injury. It’s a miracle that no one was killed in this truck accident. Those involved are also lucky that the fuel did not spill out of the tanker truck.

Elizabeth Buchanan, 52, was driving a Toyota Matrix that was crushed in the wreck. She was taken to Emerson Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Revene was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with serious injuries. He was airlifted by helicopter, and the highway was shut down temporarily to allow the helicopter to land. In many truck wrecks, the truck drivers escape injury due to the massive size of their vehicles. In this case, Revene was no so lucky.

The two uninjured drivers involved in the wreck were Richard Frese, 64, who was driving a Toyota Avalon, and Christiane Rabich, 48, who was driving a Chrysler mini van.

The tanker truck was owned by Trans Spec Truck Service of Milbury, MA. This trucking company has suffered many tragedies of late. Last month a Trans Spec mechanic was killed on the side of the road after repairing a broken down tanker truck on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Dennis Scott had just finished working on the truck when another vehicle hit him. Further, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) records show that Trans Spec trucks have been involved in five crashes in the last two years.

Many trucking companies with unsafe histories continue to employ truck drivers. Lax safety practices often contribute to truck wreck injuries. Normally, the passengers of other vehicles suffer the most severe injuries. All too often, a large truck wreck ends with a fatality.

In this case, the truck driver was cited for speeding. As I pointed out yesterday, many trucking companies encourage unsafe practices because of time constraints. When cargo has to be delivered by a certain time, truck drivers might speed or work long hours and become fatigued. Speeding and driver fatigue are the two main causes of truck wrecks.

One way to encourage safe practices in the trucking industry is to go after unsafe companies in court. If you know someone who has been injured in a truck wreck, tell them that they should contact an experienced Georgia truck wreck attorney immediately. An experienced attorney will know how to secure the evidence necessary to prove negligence on the part of the trucking company and/or the driver. To schedule a free legal consultation, call MLN Law at 404-531-9700.