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Sleeping Cobb teen killed when pickup smashes into house

Sleeping Cobb teen killed when pickup smashes into house

Sunday morning, Atlantans awoke to hear the horrific news that a Cobb County teen had been killed by a suspected drunk driver—while he was sleeping in his own bed.

About 3 a.m. Sunday morning, neighbors were awakened by what sounded like an explosion. A Ford F-250 pickup truck driven by a woman suspected of being drunk careened through a Cobb County neighborhood before plowing into and going through a house.

The accident killed 14-year-old Elliot Savary as he slept. His sister Leah, who is 13, was injured.

Police believe Janette L. Eason, 44, of Dallas, was driving drunk when she turned into the neighborhood and weaved down the street, knocking down mailboxes along the way, before slamming into the Savarys’ home. Charges against Eason were pending late Sunday.

Eason’s truck entered through the garage and went out the other side, through a wall into Elliot’s bedroom, running over him. The truck pushed him through a wall into his sister’s bedroom, where she was sleeping.

A family spokesperson called the tragedy, “incomprehensible.” The Law Offices of Michael L. Neff express our sorrow to the family. It is a horrible way to lose a loved one. If you see someone who has had too much alcohol, we urge you to take their keys—prevent them from driving. Call the police. We should do our part to prevent these senseless nightmares from happening.