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Should a person looking for a personal injury lawyer call one of the ads we see on television?

Should a person looking for a personal injury lawyer call one of the ads we see on television?

In Atlanta, we see a lot of lawyers advertising on TV. However, there is only so much a person can learn from a 30 second TV or radio ad. Some ads may feature an old TV star but what does that tell you about the lawyer? Will you even meet that lawyer? Does the lawyer provide quality time with the client? Does the lawyer go to court, if necessary, to get the maximum recovery?

Some ads are placed by referral agencies that collect calls and then divvy them up between attorneys that pay for the service. Other times, cases are referred out to firms who share the incredible costs this type of advertising incurs. The insurance companies know what lawyers are spending big money on advertising – and they know those lawyers need to pay for those bills. Some insurance companies have assigned adjusters solely to deal with TV lawyers. Do you think those insurance adjusters have been trained to lowball the quick settlement offer?

Like so many other professions, some of the best personal injury attorneys don’t do much advertising; instead, their reputations for getting results lead them to get referrals from other lawyers.

If you’re considering hiring a personal injury lawyer, ask for referrals from friends and other attorneys. At the Law Offices of Michael L. Neff, you’ll find a professional approach when listening to your case—and a compassionate ear. Plus we are aggressive when filing a lawsuit is necessary to maximize your ability to recover. If you are injured in Georgia or because a Georgia resident or business was negligent, please consider giving us a call or email us.