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More than 2,000 Auto Accidents in Georgia over Labor Day Weekend

According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, from 6:00 p.m. Friday to midnight Monday, September 7, there were 2,231 crashes, 614 injuries, and 9 deaths over Labor Day weekend.

Officials expected fewer accidents. The estimate for the number of crashes was 1,725. The actual number of crashes was higher than the estimate. However, estimates for the number of injuries and deaths were low. The Department of Public Safety estimated 975 injuries and 18 deaths. Thankfully, even though there were more accidents than expected, there were not as many injuries or fatalities.

In 2008, there were 1,660 crashes, 798 injuries, and 19 deaths. Crashes increased by 571 this year.

Fatal crashes were reported by Cobb County Police and Georgia State Patrol posts in Conyers, Gainesville (2), Jasper, Marietta, Milledgeville, Thomson, and Waycross.

Sadly, even a Gwinnett Police Officer was arrested for DUI after hitting another car.

When traffic increases, the number of accidents increases. The next major holiday travel period will be Thanksgiving. It’s important to be extra careful during these periods of heavy travel.

Follow these tips to reduce your chances of being involved in an accident:

Never drive under the influence of alcohol or ride with someone who has been drinking.

Never read, send text messages, or apply make-up while driving. Distracted driving is a major cause of unnecessary accidents. If your phone rings, or if you receive a message, just wait until you’ve come to a stop before you reach for your cell phone.

Always drive under the speed limit and use your turn signals.

Never drive when you’re sleepy. Stop and get some rest. A lack of sleep will slow down your reaction times.

Keep up with the maintenance on your car. If you’re going on a long trip, get a professional service check before you leave. Make a habit of checking your tires before you get in your car.

If you are involved in an accident, call 911 immediately. Do not discuss the wreck with anyone until the police arrive. Collect contact information from any witnesses.

If you have a camera on you, take photos of the scene. If you don’t have a camera, try to get a disposable camera and take pictures as soon as possible.

If you feel like you’ve been injured even slightly, see a doctor immediately. You should also contact a lawyer immediately before crucial evidence disappears. An experienced attorney can help you get monetary compensation for your injuries. Time is of the essence. Talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

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