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Medical malpractice in Georgia a fact of life

A May 3, 2009 article by in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlighted the serious costs that Atlantans pay for medical malpractice.

The article noted that Georgia doctors have circumcised the wrong babies, mistakenly operated on the wrong hand, knee, hip, leg, hernia and other body parts – even drilled into the wrong side of a person’s head.

The article reported that the Georgia Department of Human Resources has received 102 reports of wrong-site surgeries since 2003, when reporting the incidents became mandatory. Since July 1, 2008 Georgia has received 20 reports.

The basic steps to prevent wrong-site surgeries should be well known to surgical teams: Verify the patient, mark the surgical site and double check records one last time prior to making the incision. Failing to follow this should be a breach of the standard of care – something necessary for a Georgian to sue for damages.

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