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Kennesaw State University Student Dies after Blacking Out from Drinking

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a Kennesaw State University student died Sunday morning after he passed out at a party on Sunday night. The nursing student was Dorian Richard Varcianna, 21. The party was off-campus. Varcianna passed out at the party and never woke up.

Police have not said that alcohol was the cause of death. They are waiting on a toxicology report. A memorial service was held on Tuesday night by members of the Iota Theta chapter of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. His funeral will be held in New York.

According to Varcianna’s younger brother who was also at the party, Dorian was still conscious at 2:30 a.m. when friends took him to his house in Marietta. The friends, including his brother, put Dorian on a love seat in the garage and covered him with a blanket. Dorian’s brother checked on him around 6:30 a.m. and Dorian appeared to be sleeping. However, when his brother checked again at 9:00 a.m. Dorian was not breathing and his skin was cold.

A spokesperson from Kennesaw State University stressed that the party was not a campus-sanctioned event and was not related to rush activities for the fraternity. But KSU admits that most students at the party were members of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Cobb County Police are investigating Varcianna’s death.

Michael Sanserviro of KSU said that campus officials will increase efforts to inform students about the dangers of alcohol.

“We want to make sure that they are educated about the various risks associated with alcohol use,” Sanserviro said.

If you have a teenage child or a child in college, talk to them about the risks and dangers associated with drinking. Binge drinking is often encouraged in some college circles, but it can have devastating consequences such as death – or death of an innocent victim. College students are at an increased risk of alcohol-related injury and DUI. Make sure your children understand that just one night of binge drinking can end their bright future. This is not a pleasant conversation, but it’s one that every parent should have with their children.

Campus officials should do more to increase awareness about alcohol-related injuries and deaths. Computer-based alcohol interventions have been successful on some campuses. Such interventions typically question students about their drinking habits and educate students about risky drinking behaviors. These computer-based questionnaires can be totally anonymous and encouraged with incentives such as retail coupons. Studies have found that computer-based alcohol interventions on campus can decrease alcohol consumption for high-risk drinkers. Perhaps KSU should consider this type of alcohol intervention for all students.

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