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How to prove someone else’s fault if in a car wreck?

You can prove fault in a traffic accident through several types of evidence. It is a good idea to have a spare camera in the glove box to take photos of the scene and of the damage to the vehicles.

Next to photos, a police report is probably the most important piece of evidence. It records the police officer’s account of the accident, and many times, his or her opinion about who was at fault. If one of the parties committed a traffic violation that will be included in the police report and provides strong evidence about who was at fault.

In a rear-end collision, it is almost always the fault of the person who did the rear-ending, because Georgia law requires drivers to stay a safe distance away from cars in front of us. But be aware that even in rear-end collisions, a lead vehicle can still be partially at fault if your carelessness led to the collision. In the same way as a rear-end collision is presumed to be the fault of the rear-ender, Georgia law states that a car making a left turn is almost always at fault if it collides with a driver going straight, unless speeding or running a red light is an issue.

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