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Cheerleader’s Family Awarded Almost $700K for Teenager’s Death

A decision was made a couple of weeks ago in the case of a cheerleader from New Jersey who died in 2004 while she was in Hawaii to perform for the Hula Bowl.

According to court testimony, the teenager had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the state’s legal limit for driving when she fell to her death from a hotel balcony in Hawaii. The chaperone of the cheerleader has been ordered by an arbitrator to pay the family and estate of 18-year-old Lauren Crossan nearly $700,000.

With summer here, teenagers will be heading to beaches and vacation spots to party. The Law offices of Michael L. Neff ask you to please counsel your teens on the tragic circumstances we see all to often when kids drink alcohol. And as always, if someone you love is injured due to someone else’s negligence, call a personal injury lawyer right away. For more information call us at 404-531-9700 or email us now.