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Wisconsin school bus collides with semi trailer

Wisconsin school bus collides with semi trailer

With more trucks on the road than ever, we’re also seeing more truck accidents than ever before. According to the Associated Press, last week a semi slammed into the back of a school bus that had stopped to drop off students along a highway, seriously injuring five people.

The bus was loaded with 16 children from Wheatland Center School District, ranging from fourth to eighth graders. One of the children was ejected as the bus was hit from behind. Two other children, the truck driver and the bus driver also were seriously injured. Miraculously, the injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

Investigators think the trucker did not see the bus. There were no skid marks where the accident happened; the semi apparently came over a hill and struck the bus right in the rear. According to the sheriff, the truck driver “may have been occupied inside the cab drinking a soda. He was either coughing or choking on it.”

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