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What are the advantages of structured settlements?

What are the advantages of structured settlements?

Structured settlements can actually be advantageous to a injured person. If you are resolving a personal injury claim, a structured settlement can be an advantage if you wish to:

1. Ensure that funds will exist for a long period of time to make up for lost wages because of a disability.

2. Force careful management upon you if you have money management problems or have suffered a brain injury and are unable to manage your money.

3. Ensure the money will be there in case you may become tempted to “share the wealth” with family members or friends. It takes that option away because the money only comes in when you have predetermined it will.

If you have been hurt and have a serious personal injury claim, discuss the settlement with your attorney. The Law Offices of Michael L. Neff are experienced in discussing the good and bad of structured settlements and can help you decide the best way to settle your case.