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Trips and Slip and Falls can be Preventable

Trips and Slip and Falls can be Preventable

CNA has released a report for business property owners “Slip and Fall Control Techniques for Commercial Real Estate Owners” which states that the aging boomer population are more likely to trip or slip and fall and suffer injury.

The article reminds owners and property managers that they are responsible when people are injured due to negligent construction or maintenance – and gives advice on how to prevent injuries from falls.

These aren’t insignificant injuries. The report states: “Without question, slips and falls are the leading cause of nonfatal unintentional injuries that are treat in hospital emergency departments.”

There are five major causes for slip-and-fall accidents:
1. Lack of slip resistance on walking surfaces
2. Poor walking surface conditions
3. Poor visibility
4. Lack or poor condition of handrails and guardrails
5. Poor accessibility

A copy of the report can be found at