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Top 10 Causes of Falls

Top 10 Causes of Falls

It is not all that uncommon to trip and take a fall. Many of us stumble from time to time and shrug it off, thinking it just a random occurrence on any bad day. We might blame our own clumsiness, or a loose heel, or something else out of anyone’s control.

However, falls are not always out of our control – or out of control of the individuals who own and maintain the places where these spills might commonly happen. They are also not always so very harmless. A fall might easily lead to injury, medical bills and potentially permanent consequences. Falls can lead to head trauma, nerve damage, and injuries to the neck and spine, all of which can be life changing or even potentially deadly.

Ten of the top common reasons for falls which may by the responsibility of the property owner include:

1. Improperly Maintained/Broken Stairways
2. Defective Sidewalks
3. Improperly Maintained Walkways
4. Uneven Walkways
5. Unsecured Wet and/or Waxed Floors
6. Broken Railings
7. Poorly or Improperly Maintained Lighting
8. Improperly Maintained Parking Lots/Structures
9. Unsecured Construction Sites/Scaffolding
10. Defective Construction Equipment

Home and property owners have a responsibility to see that their property is either secure from the public, or maintained for safety. Many of the items on this list can be hazards waiting for someone if left unattended.

Stairs, for instance, can be very dangerous since a small trip can lead to a dangerous tumble down to the floor or landing. Because of this, stairs should always feature some sort of nonskid surface. If they are carpeted, the carpeting should be secure. If the carpet becomes loose or worn, it should be repaired immediately to avoid an increased risk of falls. Uncarpeted stairs might have some nonskid surface on them, such as a contrasting nonskid tape, spaced at one inch intervals, or rubber pads. Stairs should have railings on both sides, and the railings also need to be in good repair.

A poorly lit stairway or a stairway which accumulates any kind of obstacles is likely to lead to accidents eventually.

Maintaining proper lighting is another important step that property owners should take to ensure that preventable falls are kept to a minimum. Especially in conjunction with other, higher risk areas such as stairs, or places where the floor or walkways are liable to be wet and slippery.

Areas under construction, or those being cleaned or waxed should always be marked clearly so that individuals who happen to use them are aware of the risk and know to be careful or when appropriate to find another route – otherwise, they should be secured entirely to prevent accidents and injuries.

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