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Swine Flu Vaccine to Arrive in Metro Atlanta Today

Swine Flu Vaccine to Arrive in Metro Atlanta Today

Since the H1N1 outbreak first came to light earlier this year, there has been a lot of information and equally as much misinformation spread about the disease. Is it caused by pigs or isn’t it? Do you suffer a fever with it or don’t you? Are children and the elderly the most at risk?

As for that last question, the CDC is now saying that children from ages 2-4 are at the prime age to contract and spread swine flu. Because of this scary statistic, one Metro Atlanta county is fighting back – with flu vaccine.

Fulton County expects to receive their first shipment of the H1N1 vaccine today, Tuesday, October 6th, and further expects to begin administering the vaccine – given via a nasal spray – tomorrow. Fulton County plans to receive 5,300 doses of the much needed preventative. Those desiring the flu vaccine should head out to one of Fulton County’s eight public health clinics in order to receive the treatment. The vaccine is completely free.

Due to the nature of H1N1, public health officials are warning citizens that children 2 to 4 years of age and their caregivers should be the primary recipients of the H1N1 vaccine. On the other hand, officials also assure the public that no one who turns up at one of Fulton’s County’s public health clinics asking for the vaccine will be turned away until all the doses are used.

Further warnings go out to pregnant women and anyone suffering from a compromised immune system. The nasal H1N1 vaccine is made from a live virus, and could have negative consequences on the health of immuno-compromised individuals.

Fulton County is not the only county relying on a shipment of H1N1` vaccine this week. According to state health officials, numerous counties are expected the receive doses of the vaccine in Tuesday’s shipment, and more will be following later in the month.

Though don’t rush out to the clinic for your vaccine just yet. Fulton County officials warned that they are relying on the mail for the shipment and may experience a delay. Check local news casts tonight and tomorrow morning for the most up to date information about the H1N1 vaccine in Fulton County. And don’t forget that a parent or legal guardian must be present in order for a child to receive the vaccine.

If you are a Fulton County resident and/or the parent or caregiver of a 2-4 year old child, don’t delay getting the H1N1 vaccine. Here are the locations of the 8 public health clinics in Fulton County:

North Fulton Regional Health Center, 3155 Royal Drive, Suite 125, Alpharetta

Adamsville Health Center, 3699 Bakers Ferry Road, southwest Atlanta

Sandy Springs Health Center, 330 Johnson Ferry Road, northeast Atlanta

Center Hill Health Center, 3201 Atlanta Industrial Parkway, Suite 302, northwest Atlanta

Center for Health and Rehabilitation, 265 Boulevard, northeast Atlanta

Neighborhood Union Health Center, 186 Sunset Ave., northwest Atlanta

Lakewood Health Center, 1853 Jonesboro Road, southeast Atlanta

College Park Regional Health Center, 1920 John Wesley Ave., College Park.

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