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Scalded Tenant Receives $2 Million Settlement

Scalded Tenant Receives $2 Million Settlement

Few people think about it but stepping into the shower can be dangerous. In 2006, 83-year-old Ana Feliz stepped into the shower in her apartment in Manhattan. After she finished showering, she attempted to turn off the cold water but as she did, the handle knob broke off in her hand. The hot water reached a scalding temperature and she sustained serious burns.

Ms. Feliz sued the building’s owner and the building managers, alleging that they were negligent in their maintenance, and that their negligence created a dangerous condition. Her attorneys claimed that the defendants were aware that the hot-water control knob was loose, but that they failed to repair or replace it.

Ms. Feliz sustained first- and second-degree burns of more than 10 percent of her body. She underwent intubation and a tracheostomy, and she endured an extended hospitalization. The parties agreed to a $2 million settlement.

There are safety rules that hotels and apartments must comply with as they relate to safe water temperature. Water above certain temperature violates Georgia building codes and industry standards as it is known to be dangerous.

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