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Ironworker Awarded over $800K for Junk Brick Fall

An Illinois ironworker had his ankle crushed by a powerlift after he fell on uneven ground at a brickyard work site.

Roger K. Hepner blamed his fall on “junk brick,” which is old, culled brick that’s used to cover the ground at a construction site. Mr. Hepner’s construction expert argued that junk brick created an unsafe condition. It’s standard for a work site to have gravel because junk brick causes an uneven surface.

The defense attorneys for company Global Glay argued that once Hepner fell, the operator of the lift should have been carefully watching the area and not have run over Mr. Hepner’s foot. Mr. Hepner was awarded $810,315 by the court. Have you, or do you know someone in Georgia who has been injured at a dangerous work site? Call or email the Law Offices of Michael L. Neff. No one should have to endure medical bills and lost wages from an injury that was no fault of their own. We can help.