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Injury Caused by Failure to Properly Load Tractor Trailer

The traffic cam video above shows a tractor trailer truck tip over on the highway in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The high speed of the truck shifted its payload to one side of the trailer, causing the truck to topple. In this case, luckily, no one was injured; however, injuries caused by failure to properly load tractor trailers are all too common.

The video clip below shows that, even at slow speeds, an improperly loaded tractor trailer can easily rollover. In this video, the truck is traveling at 35mph and mimicking a ramp turn. Because it is improperly loaded, the truck topples in the turn.

A tractor trailer load must be properly loaded, balanced, and secured in order to prevent roll-overs and accidents. If the cargo is not properly loaded and secured, a shift of the load can cause even the heaviest trucks to roll over. Overload tractor trailers are in serious danger of flipping.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations specify the maximum load of a truck, as well as how it must be secured so that the truck’s maneuverability and stability is not put at risk. A trucking company and its drivers should not operate a tractor trailer unless the truck’s load is properly distributed and secured according to federal specifications, and a trucking company’s failure to comply with federal cargo requirements may constitute negligence and serve as the legal basis of a personal injury case against the company.

Driver behavior is the number one cause of tractor trailer accidents – and when poor driving is combined with an improperly secured load or overloaded trailer, then an accident resulting in serious injury is highly likely. Injuries caused by failure to properly load tractor trailer truckers may include disfigurement, lost limbs, traumatic brain injury, paralysis, and death.

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