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Georgia State Patrol Aims to Reduce Motorcycle Crashes

The American Motorcycle Association (AMA) reports that the Georgia State Patrol and Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has announced a new safety education program to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents across the state.

Commanding Officer of the Georgia State Patrol Major Mark McDonough said, ‘Despite an overall reduction in the number of traffic deaths across the state over the past few years, the number of motorcyclists killed in traffic crashes continues to rise and this safety initiative is one component of our combined efforts to educate not only motorcycle operators but other drivers as well.”

Georgia State Troopers assigned to the Safety Education Unit will immediately start to incorporate motorcycle safety information in presentations at schools, civic clubs, and other locations. The motorcycle safety program is also being offered at military facilities across Georgia.

The safety education program was developed by the Georgia State Patrol in conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).

“Now more than ever, it is essential that we keep our eyes on the prize when it comes to motorcycle safety,” said Deputy Director of GOHS Spencer Moore, who stressed that education is key. “Unfortunately, Georgia has experienced a steady increase in motorcycle fatalities in recent years. Just in 2007, 162 motorcyclists died on Georgia roads, and another 3,334 were injured. I know that with the help of the rider groups, law enforcement agencies across the state and other traffic safety organizations, we can make those numbers go down.”

The number of motorcycles registered in Georgia has been increasing since 2005, when gas prices began to increase after Hurricane Katrina. Major McDonough said, “Educating all drivers is the foundation to build a program that will reduce the number of deaths on our roads. Our goal is to make all drivers aware of motorcyclists and educate motorcyclists on the safe operation of the vehicle.”

The Georgia Department of Driver Services offers a motorcycle training course that’s available at select locations.

“Of course a major component of keeping all of our motorcycle enthusiasts safe on Georgia roads is making sure we all enroll in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation training offered by DDS,” said Moore. “With a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license, all enthusiasts will have the best chance of staying safe.”

To schedule a motorcycle safety presentation for a school or community group, contact the Georgia State Patrol Safety Education Unit at 770-229-3422.

Over the past few years, I have certainly noticed more motorcycles around Atlanta – and I’ve also noticed more reckless driving on the part of motorcyclists. Every time I see a motorcycle speed past me on the road, I wish that I could show the motorcyclist some of the accident photos I’ve seen – like the photos I posted on this blog earlier today. Motorcyclists and other drivers alike must remember that motorcyclists are at increased risk of death and serious injury from auto accidents.

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