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Georgia Courts favor businesses over consumers?

Reporter Jake Armstrong wrote an article, “Highest courts’ opinions favor business, study says” that reported a release by Atlanta based Georgia Watch, a nonpartisan consumer advocacy group that stated that Georgia laws tend to favor businesses over consumers, and appeals court rulings reflect that favoritism. Georgia Watch made that determination after tracking Georgia Supreme Court and Georgia Court of Appeals rulings handed down in 2007.

Further support for that conclusion is the statement by Joe Fleming, senior vice president of government affairs for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. It is reported that Mr. Fleming said the chamber supports the court’s “narrow interpretations” of Georgia law.

Among the positive decisions cited by Georgia Watch for consumers came in the area of Insurance. The Georgia Supreme Court did rule that insurance companies cannot sell policies that contain offsets for personal injury benefits, which deduct from the policy benefits any compensation the insured receives from workers’ compensation and Social Security after a car or truck accident.

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