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Drive Safely This Holiday Season

In the coming weeks, many of us will join the rush of holiday travel. It’s the time of year we will enjoy with friends and family, celebrating our unique traditions and relationships. For most of us who join the celebration, it will be an exciting and memorable time of year.

But for some of us, this time of year can lead to increased risks. Every year, people drinking and or driving while distracted lead a few celebrators – and a few of those who they happen to share the road with – to accidents and even death.

The holidays are one of the busiest long distance travel periods of the year, and much of that traveling is done by car.In the spirit of the holiday safety, I would like to remind readers to be especially safe driving this holiday season, and offer a few tips.

– Prepare thoughtfully. Be prepared with a cell phone, water, blankets, snacks and other gear should your car breakdown and help cannot arrive immediately. You do not want to be stranded in winter weather during holiday travel.

– Pack chains if there is any chance of encountering snow.

– Before starting your trip, make sure your vehicle is fit for travel, tuned up, and prepared for winter driving conditions. Check antifreeze, windshield wipers and other cold weather components.

– Make sure you and your passengers both wear their safety belts.

– Leave early and be ready to change your travel plans if it becomes necessary. Winter weather can be dangerous and unpredictable. If snow or ice is expected, change your travel plans to accommodate it as much as possible.

– Don’t try to force yourself to adhere to an unrealistic schedule. Take regular breaks and stay fresh. Driving while tired and distracted increases your likelihood of acting recklessly. Don’t rush or speed.

– Give yourself plenty of time. Again, speeding is dangerous, especially if you hit poor weather. Even if you are running late, obey the speed limits and drive safely. It’s better to be late and safe than risk an accident.

– Pull off the road if you want to use your cell phone to call or text. Driving requires your full attention. I’ve written often enough in the past about the dangers of distracting driving that this should go without saying.

– Only pass when it is safe to do so.

– Alcohol features among many of our holiday parties and traditions, and can add to the festivities of the season, but if drinking is part of your holiday plans, remember to plan responsibly. Have a designated driver.

I hope that everyone’s holiday travel plans are safe and enjoyable. Remembering to drive safely is one way to help ensure that this is the case. Property damage, injury and death should stay well away from your plans over the holidays.

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