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Auto Accidents on I-285 Kill Three in Atlanta

Over the weekend, three people died in alcohol-related auto accidents on Interstate 285 in Atlanta.

On Saturday night at 11:50 pm, a white SUV on I-285 Northbound at I-20 lost control, rear-ended another car, slid down an embankment, and came to a stop lodged between two trees. Captain Eric Jackson of the DeKalb Country Fire Department reported that the driver of the SUV, 30-year-old Nathaniel Jones, died at the scene.

The driver of the other vehicle, whose name was not released, went to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

About four hours later, two more people died in another wreck on I-285 Southbound at the ramp to I-20 East, reported DeKalb County Police spokesperson Mekka Parish. Police believe that the driver of a gold Acura was speeding when he lost control of the vehicle while trying to exit. The car crashed into a concrete barrier before sliding down the embankment.

Thanomsy Champasouk, 33, and Somkhith Chanthakhinh, 30, died at the scene. The two passengers in the back seat, whose names and conditions were not released, were taken to a local hospital with injuries.

Parish said that alcohol and excessive speed were factors in both accidents.

Innocent victims are killed and injured in alcohol-related accidents every day. If you’ve been injured, or if you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one by a drunk driver, you deserve just compensation.

Drunk drivers, however, don’t always have insurance to cover your medical expenses, pain, suffering, loss of income, and other damages. At MLN Law, we provide caring, aggressive representation to victims of drunk driver accidents. We will hold the guilty party accountable and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Bar owners and liquor stores may also be held accountable for your injuries. Georgia’s Dram Shop Act makes clear that a bar, tavern, restaurant, or other business may be held responsible for injuries caused by a drunk driver if they “knowingly sell, furnish or serve alcoholic beverages to a person who is in a noticeable state of intoxication, knowing that such person will soon be driving a motor vehicle.”

The business or person who served alcohol to the drunk driver may be at fault, and you may be entitled to recover damages from them. It depends on the specific facts in your case.

Drunk commercial vehicle drivers have a different standard. In Georgia, it’s illegal to drive a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol content over 0.04 (compared to non-commercial drivers at 0.08). In commercial cases, the driver and the trucking company may be held accountable. In fact, in commercial truck accident lawsuits, several companies may be held accountable, as one company may own the tractor, another company may own the trailer, and yet another company may employ the truck driver.

At MLN Law, we will investigate all possible sources of compensation for injuries caused by alcohol-related auto accidents.

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